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2017-18 MAP Payment Cycle Initiated


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2017-18 MAP First-Term Payment Requests Being Accepted

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) has initiated the 2017-18 Monetary Award Program (MAP) payment cycle by allowing first-term payment requests (i.e., claims) to be submitted. Colleges may now submit first-term claims by accessing the MAP system via the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs (GAP) Access portal, as well as by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). From this point forward, first-term payment requests will be processed on a nightly basis as they are received from colleges, and then submitted to the State Comptroller for payment per standard operating procedures. As a reminder, colleges were asked to hold all payment requests until the 2017-18 payment cycle was initiated – any claims submitted prior to today (Friday, October 6, 2017) will need to be resubmitted for processing.

What's New

The MAP Payment Detail screen of the 2017-18 MAP system (which is accessed via the GAP Access portal) includes a new NSLDS Default Release override, which allows schools to request MAP payment and certify/confirm that students are eligible despite a National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS®) default status. This functionality, which applies exclusively to NSLDS default status (not ISAC Default), is available only via the Payment Detail screen of the MAP system – schools are not able to override the NSLDS default status through any other means of payment request.


  • To access the payment function of the MAP system via GAP Access, simply select the "Payment" tab that appears at the top of the MAP system screen.
  • As has been necessitated by program appropriation levels in recent years, payment data available in the MAP system is initially being limited to first term only.
  • The 2017-18 MAP priority claim deadline for the first term is December 8, 2017. Once established, the priority claim deadline dates for subsequent terms will be shared via the usual means of communication.
  • When preparing 2017-18 payment requests, colleges are encouraged to keep in mind that ISAC has suspended the announcement of MAP grants for all students whose initial 2017-18 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) was received by the Central Processing System (CPS) on or after January 16, 2017.
    • Note: The 2017-18 recompute formula allows for an approximately two-week extension of award announcements (i.e., implementing a partial release of awards in suspense status). Final determination regarding the extension of award announcements will take place after the first-term priority claim deadline (December 8) has passed, so that adequate data will be available for analysis and forecasting purposes.
  • Colleges will continue to receive MAP funds directly from the State Comptroller's Office.
  • Please verify that the GAP Access Administrator at your college has established the appropriate MAP system access level for all impacted staff. Instructions for establishing access to the MAP system may be found on the GAP Access page.
  • Colleges submitting payment requests via FTP are reminded that, beginning with the 2017-18 MAP payment processing cycle, a GAP Access user ID and password are required to access ISAC's secure FTP site (located at As a result, encryption (password protection) of files is no longer necessary.
  • Please be sure to review the Payment Results/Exceptions report in the Reports section of MAP the day after submitting payment requests to see which requests, if any, did not process as expected.

Resources Available Online

Details regarding the MAP payment processing cycle are available:

In order to remain up-to-date, continue to refer to MAP Program News, which is also located within the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs area.

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