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College Illinois!® Highlights

College Illinois!® is an innovative 529 prepaid tuition plan, administered by ISAC, that allows the contract holder to lock in the cost of tuition and fees today, protecting families against future tuition inflation.

  • As a Section 529 plan, College Illinois! plan earnings are 100% exempt from state and federal taxes. This plan also allows federal gift and estate tax benefits.
  • Whether purchasers buy a one-semester plan or the maximum nine-semester plan, in-state or in-district tuition and mandatory fees will be paid at any Illinois university or Illinois community college. There is no tuition inflation with College Illinois!.
  • College Illinois! prepaid benefits can be used at all Illinois public universities and community colleges, public universities and colleges outside Illinois and private colleges and universities around the country.
  • Unlike financial aid, which can't be determined until a student is ready to go to college, College Illinois! allows purchasers to begin building a strong college-funding plan anytime after a child is born.

The key advantage that comes with the purchase of a College Illinois! 529 prepaid plan is security. No matter how many semesters are purchased today, those benefits will be there for tomorrow's tuition.