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B4College Alerts

B4College Alerts, from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), is a Google Play™ App that provides intelligent, timely and personalized alerts to college-bound students.

Types of Alerts

FAFSA Completion Alerts

ISAC's FAFSA Completion Initiative is recognized nationwide for its success in encouraging students to complete the FAFSA. Completing a FAFSA early is the most important step in seeking money for college. Alerts are sent based on user details.

ISACorps Event Alerts

ISAC's nationally recognized outreach program for college readiness includes a team of ISACorps members distributed throughout the state. Corps members conduct events and are available in high schools and colleges to help students navigate the college going process. User zip code and date of birth will be used to send alerts about college readiness events being conducted in the local community by the ISACorps.

Users can restrict alerts they receive by turning off specific alerts in the app preferences.

Get the App

You can get the free B4College Alerts app in 2 ways:

1) Get it on Google Play™.Google Play icon

2) Scan the QR code below to get B4College Alerts.

B4College QR Code