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Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver (SETTW) Program

Program News

(last updated May 17, 2017)

2017-18 Award Determination
2017-18 Application

2016-17 Award Verification

Enrollment Status Verification


Award Determination

Award Notifications and Rights and Responsibilities forms for the Illinois Special Education Teachers Tuition Waiver (SETTW) program were sent to 250 eligible applicants on May 16, 2017 for the 2017-18 academic year. Letters were sent to all other qualified applicants who were not selected.

Refer to Determining Awards for SETTW within this section of the Gift Assistance area for more information about the award process and links to a sample of the Award Notifications and the Rights & Responsibilities form. The SETTW program is a tuition waiver for attendance at public universities in Illinois. Awards are not subject to annual appropriations by the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor.


The 2017-18 SETTW Application/Teaching Agreement/Promissory Note is no longer being accepted. The 2017-18 Illinois SETTW Program priority application consideration date was March 1, 2017. Complete applications postmarked after that date are considered for the Illinois SETTW Program only if available waivers remain after all timely complete applicants have been awarded. It is anticipated that the application for the 2018-19 Illinois SETTW Program will be available at this website in mid-December of 2017.

Refer to the Application Procedures for SETTW page within this section, to learn more about the application process.


Award Verification

The 2016-17 SETTW Verification Rosters and Certification forms listing the students who were included in the final round of awarding were mailed to colleges on November 14, 2016 and are due back to ISAC on or before December 5, 2016. The verification roster is used to verify enrollment and program eligibility for each qualified applicant selected to receive a tuition waiver who indicated on the application that they would attend your school during the 2016-17 academic year.

Refer to the Tuition Waiver Process in the SETTW section for a sample roster, instructions for certifying eligibility for the tuition waiver and an example of the cover letter. Information about teaching requirements is also available within this SETTW section.


Enrollment Status Verification

Each year, colleges are required to verify the enrollment statuses for recipients in the programs* with teaching requirements and practice agreements. Verification of enrollment status is required for all recipients who, according to our records, previously received funds from the following ISAC-administered teacher education programs and may have been enrolled at your institution during the 2015-16 academic year.

* Note that, while the Illinois Future Teacher Corps (IFTC) Program and Nurse Educator Scholarship Program (NESP) options continue to appear in the drop-down list at My Zone, there is no data for these programs and the options will be removed from the system next year.

Colleges will be notified when Enrollment Status Verification for students who were enrolled during the 2016-17 academic year will be available to submit to ISAC via the My Zone portal.