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IVG Claim Processing

IVG Claim Processing Overview
IVG Tuition and Fee Codes
IVG Claims Deadline Dates
IVG Claim Results and Authorization
IVG Payment Claim Reports
IVG Claim Offset and Reconciliation
IVG Online User Guide

IVG Claim Processing Overview 

Institutions generate and submit IVG claims via the My Zone portal. ISAC does not know which school the student is attending until a claim is received. (There are no announcement rosters for this program). When submitting an IVG claim, the institution is certifying that the student meets all eligibility criteria. 

IVG claims can be submitted via FTP or online via the My Zone portal, by the claim deadline dates established for each term. Results are available to retrieve at My Zone the next business day after claims are submitted by printing the predefined reports or in a flat file format from the File Extract option in the left menu at IVG My Zone. In addition to the Payment Claim reports, Invoice Reports, reflecting the amount of claims accepted for a specific run date and used to authorize the claim, are also available to retrieve from the left menu under Reports at IVG My Zone.

Summer leads the academic year for IVG. Be sure to use the appropriate tuition and fees amounts when submitting claims and benefit usage data for any term in the academic year.

  • Online processing of IVG claims

    IVG claim processing via My Zone provides the ability complete and view IVG claims (in-district and out-of-district) online for one student at a time and to obtain predefined claim reports or request processing results in a flat file. In addition, colleges can make corrections, submit replacement claims and view claim history.

    Refer to Chapter 2 – Views of the IVG Online Users Guide for data entry instructions and processing information. A Post 9/11/GI Bill field was added to the xx screen in the 2015-16 academic year which is described in the  Post 9/11 GI Benefits processing – an Addendum to Chapter 2 of the IVG User Guide.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) process

    IVG claims for all students for a term can be submitted at the same time via the FTP process for both in-district and out-of-district claims. Corrections and replacement claims can also be submitted via the FTP process. All colleges must contact School Services to obtain an ID and password to participate in the IVG FTP process. The same ID and password will be used if the college already participates in the MAP FTP process. A new ID and password will be provided for colleges that do not already participate in the MAP FTP process. Colleges interested in scheduling the transmission of an IVG FTP test file may set this up with School Services.

    The IVG File Specifications describing the 80-byte file layout to be used to send payment requests for the IVG Program to ISAC via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) are available within the Electronic Tools section of the e-Library.

    Refer to Chapter 4 – FTP transmission processing in the IVG Online Manual for additional information about the FTP process.

IVG Tuition and Fee Codes

IVG Tuition and Fee codes are pre-populated for both in-district and out-of-district tuition and fees for all terms on the Claim Detail screen depending on the academic year selected from the My Zone Program Selection screen. Tuition and fee codes submitted via the FTP process must be entered in the correct format and position according to the IVG Claim Request File Specifications. IVG tuition and fee codes are the same for both methods of transmission.

The first character of the tuition and fee code indicates the term. The second character indicates the academic year (i.e., 17 = Academic Year 2017-18). Up to 5 whole numbers and 2 decimal places are allowed (i.e., 10000.00.). Out-of-District claims can be submitted at the same time as in-district claims.
Remember that the summer term leads the academic year for IVG. (i.e., use 2016-17 tuition and fees for summer term 2017.)

2017-18 Tuition & Fee Codes

Term In-District Codes Out-of-District Codes
Summer 2017 X8 C8
Fall 2017 Y8 D8
Spring 2018 Z8 E8

IVG Claim Deadline Dates

The deadline dates for submission of IVG claims are:

  • September 15 - summer term(s)
  • January 15 - Fall term
  • May 25 – Spring term (second semester/second & third quarter)
  • July 1 - all claims, including supplemental claims.

Claims received for subsequent terms can be submitted at any time but they will be placed in a ‘Hold’ status until processing for the term begins. The status of the claim can be viewed on the Claim Detail screen. In order to be considered timely, IVG claims must be submitted to ISAC on or before the due date for each term. IVG eligible students are to receive program benefits, even when claims are submitted late.

IVG Claim Results and Authorization

After claims have been processed, the Payment Claim reports and Invoice reports are available to retrieve from My Zone. Each of the reports in both categories are in a pre-defined format and do not have to be requested.

IVG Payment Claim Reports

Claims (for a specific process date) are available to retrieve from Payment Claim Reports option in the left menu of IVG Online Payment at My Zone. Claim results can also be requested in a flat file from the File Extract option in the same left menu whether claims were submitted via the FTP process or entered online via the Claim Detail screen.

The IVG Payment Claim Reports include Authorized Benefits Results Reports for Accepted Claims, Rejected Claims, Late Claims and a Summary Totals. The Payment Claim Report screen lists reports in descending order by report type and date created, and also lists each report name (Accepted, Rejected, Late and Summary), and file size.

When funds are appropriated, ISAC reviews the claim results, authorizes a claim and submits a voucher to the State Comptroller's Office. The Comptroller will send payment by check, Direct Deposit via EFT or via Illinois Public Treasurer’s Investment Pool (IPTIP) to the school.

Invoice Reports

The Invoice report includes the invoice number and the amount of claim accepted in a specific payment run. The reports that display on the Invoice Reports screen are Invoice-Offset and Invoice-Prorate. An Invoice report is generated for each claim run and is listed by name, file size and date created, in descending order by date created. If a claim is prorated, the name of the report that displays on the Invoice Reports screen is Invoice-Prorate. The format of both Invoice reports is the same, the only difference being that the proration factor displays on the Invoice-Prorate report.

Refer to Chapter 3 – Reports of the IVG Online User Guide for instructions on generating reports from the IVG Online system.

IVG Payment Priority

When funds are appropriated to ISAC through the state budget process, claims will be paid as follows:

  • Summer term claims received by September 15 will be paid, or prorated if funding is insufficient to pay all claims in full;
  • If funds remain after summer term claims are paid, fall term (first semester and first quarter) claims received by January 15 will be paid, or prorated if funding is insufficient to pay all claims in full;
  • If funds remain after fall term claims are paid, then spring term (second semester/second and third quarter) claims received by May 25 will be paid, or prorated if funding is insufficient to pay all claims in full; and
  • Timely claims for the difference between in-district/state and out-of-district/state tuition for recipients who do not qualify for chargebacks will be considered for payment at the same time, and in the same priority order, as all other timely claims.

All IVG claims received by ISAC after the designated dates will be paid or prorated during the fiscal lapse period (July 1 through August 31) following the conclusion of the fiscal year based on available funds. If claims are prorated for a term, the subsequent term(s) and later payment will not be paid.

Payment Proration History

IVG Claim Offset and Reconciliation

Information about the IVG claim offset process and reconciliation is located in the Refunds and Unpaid Claims section in the Processes area.

IVG Online User Guide

The IVG Online User Guide is organized in chapters that are in PDF files that can be viewed online, printed or saved to your desktop for future reference. Click on the Table of Contents link below for a list of the topics included in each chapter or click on the link to a particular chapter. Please note that although the screen prints and some references in the User Guide refer to College Zone, the steps described are applicable to the current My Zone functionality.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 – Accessing IVG Online
Chapter 2 – Views
Chapter 3 – Reports
Chapter 4 – File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Chapter 5 – File Extract
Post 9/11 GI Benefits processing.

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