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Application Procedures for MTI Program

{ISAC Rules, Part 2763.30}

Online Application Process
Digital ID
Acknowledgement of Application
Incomplete and Rejected Applications
Renewal Application

Online Application Process

The application for the Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship is available online as an interactive application. To assist you with questions you receive from students regarding the MTI application process and to access the interactive application, refer to the pages within the Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship Application section of the Student & Parent area of ISAC's website.

For priority consideration, ISAC must receive a complete application on or before March 1st preceding the academic year for which the applicant is applying. Once an online application has been successfully submitted, a Confirmation Page will display to verify the exact date and time it was received by ISAC and may be printed by the applicant. For applicants who are unable to apply online and have received ISAC approval for an alternate means of applying, the application received date will be based upon the U.S. Postal Service postmark date.

Digital ID

Applicants who previously obtained a digital ID for the MTI application process will use that same digital ID for the 2017-18 application process.

As part of the online process, a digital ID serves as the applicant's legally binding digital signature. All applicants are required to obtain a digital ID from the State of Illinois. Obtaining a digital ID is the first part of the application process and applicants must have a valid Illinois Drivers License or State ID to do so. Students attempting to access the interactive MTI application who do not have a digital ID will be prompted to request one from the State of Illinois. Students who are interested in submitting the MTI application, but are unable to obtain a digital ID from the State of Illinois, should contact an ISAC Call Center Representative

By signing the application's Teaching Agreement/Promissory Note (either online or hard-copy), the student promises to fulfill their teaching requirement according to the rules of the program under which they receive assistance. The student's signature is legally binding. The student is promising to fulfill the teaching requirement or repay the funds received (prorated as appropriate) plus 5% interest and any reasonable collection costs. Recipients must begin to fulfill their teaching requirements within one year following the completion of the postsecondary education degree or certificate program for which the scholarship is awarded.

Acknowledgement of Application

Applicants will be sent a letter acknowledging that their application was received and is being processed. A Notice of Timely Application is sent if the application is received on or before the priority deadline of March 1. A Notice of Untimely Application is sent if the application is received after the March 1, priority deadline. The acknowledgement also reminds applicants to:

  • notify the school they will be attending of their enrollment plans; and
  • notify ISAC in writing of any changes to their enrollment plans or address changes.

Incomplete and Rejected Applications

For purposes of the application priority consideration date, incomplete applications will not be considered for processing until the date that all missing information is received at ISAC. A Notice of Incomplete Application is sent to students identifying the additional information that is needed.

Reasons for applications to be rejected include the following:

  • a prior year version of the application was used rather than the appropriate year version;
  • the applicant indicated enrollment at a noneligible school;
  • Illinois was not indicated as the applicant’s state of legal residence;
  • the academic term for which the scholarship was requested has concluded; or
  • the student is not a citizen or eligible noncitizen of the United States.

Renewal Applicants

Renewal applicants must submit a new application each year on or before the application priority consideration date of March 1. Applications used in a previous academic year will not be accepted and processed for the new academic year award consideration.