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State Scholar Program

Program News

(Last updated November 14, 2018)

State Scholar Program Processing
State Scholar Program Enhancements


State Scholar Program Processing

The schedule for the remaining 2019-20 State Scholar processing cycle is as follows:

  • High schools can continue to submit sixth semester data through November 15.
  • The final round of announcements, for schools that did not choose to participate in the early announcement process, will take place on November 16.
  • Student congratulatory letters for the final announcements will be mailed to finalists on November 19.
  • Data changes (including the correction of names, addresses, test scores and eligibility status, as well as reporting duplicate announcements) should continue to be submitted to ISAC for processing.
    • Name corrections must be submitted in writing (e-mail is acceptable) by either the student or the high school counselor – they cannot be accepted over the phone.
    • Changes that result in a student qualifying as a State Scholar will be processed with the final round of announcements on November 16.
  • A listing of all 2019-20 State Scholars, as well as a sample press release to assist high schools in announcing their Scholars, will be available at ISAC's website after the final round of announcements has been completed.
  • The deadline for 2019-20 State Scholar appeals will be determined, and all appeals will be considered, after all Scholars have been announced.

Specific details regarding the submission of sixth-semester data and the early announcement process may be found in a September 26 communication, as well as in the SSP Online Processing and SSP File Upload user guides.

State Scholar Program Enhancements

Beginning with the 2019-20 State Scholar program cycle, two enhancements have been added to the process:

  • High schools have the option of including their eligible students for consideration in the early State Scholar processing cycle. Early announcements allow Scholars to include the honorary designation of State Scholar on college admission and merit-based scholarship applications.
  • The second enhancement to the SSP system is a new option of downloading and printing Certificates of Achievement, which will be available via the SSP system once a school's State Scholars have been announced. Schools that choose to announce scholars early will be able to print certificates at that time rather than wait until the final announcement in November.

Refer to the State Scholar Selection Process page for details for both enhancements.