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School DAAR Report Frequently Asked Questons (FAQ's)

The following are questions and answers about School DAAR Reports in My Zone. If you have a question not listed below, please e-mail it to an ISAC School Services Representative at and we will contact you directly with a response.

General Questions
User Name and Password Maintenance
Technical Information

General Questions

What does this My Zone option provide?

  • The School DAAR Report section within My Zone provides online access to view, print and save The Notification of Student Borrower DAAR Status reports via the ISAC website.

How can I access the reports in My Zone?

  • Click on the "My Zone" quick link from the front page of the FAA's area. If you already have a My Zone User Name and Password, provide it as prompted. A link for "FFELP" will appear upon log on.
  • The Administrator designated on your campus can add new users and/or grant additional program access. If your school does not yet have an Administrator, access can be requested by contacting The request for institutional access must come from the Director of Financial Aid.

How many Financial Aid Administrators can have access per institution?

  • Each institution must set up two Administrator accounts. It is at the Director’s discretion to determine the Administrators for your school. ISAC strongly recommends that you consider using one account for the Financial Aid Office and one account for the Bursar’s Office. If one Administrator forgets their password, the second Administrator can reset the password without having to contact ISAC for assistance.
  • ISAC has not placed a limit on the number of users an Administrator may add. The Administrator, however, may choose to place a limit at his/her school.

Do all users have the same level of access?

  • No. The designated Administrator determines which level of access will be granted to each user.

Does providing an e-mail address to ISAC for e-Messaging also sign me up for School DAAR Report access in My Zone?

  • No. Register to participate in My Zone via the My Zone Quick Link.

How often will the Notification of Student Borrower DAAR Status Report be produced?

  • Typically the rosters are created twice a month and will be available as long as there are borrowers for that school.

What if I do not see a new report?

  • This means that there were no new DAAR’s processed for your school. As a result, a new Notification of Student Borrower DAAR Status Report was not created.

What if I accidentally made changes to a report file?

  • The Notification of Student Borrower DAAR Status Report files in My Zone retain the original information.

User ID and Password Maintenance

What if I need to change my My Zone password?

  • After you have logged on to My Zone, click on the My Zone Password Maintenance link. On the Password Maintenance page simply type in your current Password, then type in your New Password and retype it in Verify New Password.

Will my My Zone User Name or Password change?

  • Your assigned My Zone User Name will not change. 
  • You will be required to change your Password every 120 days. You may also use My Zone Password Maintenance page to change your Password at any time.

How do I add access to a new program in My Zone?

  • Contact the My Zone Administrator at your school.  He/she will need to add access to additional program(s) using My Zone User Maintenance.

Technical Information

What type of software is required to use My Zone on my computer?

  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6.0 is required, and must be enabled to accept cookies and JavaScript. (My Zone only uses “session” cookies, which are stored in temporary memory and are not retained on your computer after the browser is closed.) 
  • School DAAR Reports in My Zone are developed in a Rich Text Format (RTF) that allows the same report format (i.e., margins and fonts) as the paper version to be maintained when they are opened in a word processing software like Microsoft Word or WordPad.

How do I log off from this area in My Zone?

  • Click on the browser’s Close (X) button located in the upper right corner of the browser’s window.