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Requesting a TESP Certification Report

There are six standard reports that can be accessed by selecting the title under Reports from the left menu. All six reports include the same column layout. A limited number of columns appear on a printed report; they are Name, SSN, Program and Creation Date.

  • Outstanding Certifications for GAS and MTI;
  • Outstanding Certifications for GAS;
  • Outstanding Certifications for MTI;
  • Completed Certifications for GAS and MTI;
  • Completed Certifications for GAS;
  • Completed Certifications for MTI.

Reports can be viewed online, or exported to be printed or saved in a MS Excel format or Portable Document Format (PDF). Each report includes a title according to the report selected. All reports print in portrait format on 8 ½ x 11-inch paper. The print format can be changed using the Print Setup feature of the browser. The Print option in the browser will print only what is displayed on the screen. To obtain the full report, export the report to MS Excel or PDF. Reports exported to an MS Excel format can be manipulated using the functionality of the MS Excel software application.

The Report function also includes a feature to select the page number to be displayed on the screen and a “Find/Next” feature to locate a particular applicant in the report. The “Find/Next” feature in TESP Reports on My Zone works similarly to the standard Find feature of the desktop’s browser.

Multiple staff at the same school could be working on different records in the Student Certifications: List at the same time one person may be completing certifications and another person may be requesting reports.  Because TESP certification records process in real-time, the totals and report results will change as certification records completed. The <refresh> button in TESP Reports should be pressed periodically. As TESP certification records are completed, the records will drop off the Outstanding Certifications report and display on the Completed Certification Report.

Press the “X” on the browser window or on another option from the left menu panel to exit the report. If you encounter firewall problems, contact your campus IS staff.

Quick Steps to Request a Report

The steps to request a report are the same for all six reports.

  • Select TESP from the Program Selection screen to access the My Zone TESP Selection Screen;
  • Select TESP Certifications from the My Zone TESP Selection Screen;
  • Select the report listed in the Report section in the left menu to display the report;
  • View report online, use the find feature to locate a specific applicant (if applicable);
  • Select either MS Excel or PDF from the format drop-down box then select the Export link;
  • To view, print and/or save the report in MS Excel format of PDF format:
    • To view the report online, select <Open> from the dialog box. The report will display in the format selected. 
    • To save the report, select <Save As> from the dialog box. Select a folder, enter a <File Name> and press <Save>. The report will save with a .xls or .pdf extension accordingly.
    • To print the report, select <Open> from the dialog box.  Use the <print> command from the browser. The report will print as an MS Excel or PDF file according to the export format selected.
  • To exit the report, click on the (X) button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen or select <file> from the menu bar of the desktop’s browser and exit the MS Excel or Adobe Reader program.