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TESP Certification Entry Instructions

Fields To Be Completed by the College or University 
Cancel Data Entry
Submit a Certification Record to ISAC
Processing Certification Records

A TESP certification record for MTI is available at My Zone the day after a complete application is received at ISAC. (i.e., if a student tells an FAA that they’ve submitted their MTI application online, a certification record will appear on the Student Certifications: List screen on the following day.) A certification record for GAS applicants will appear on the Student Certifications: List screen when application information is received from the Golden Apple Foundation. A college can run one of the Outstanding Certification reports listed in the right-hand menu of the Student Certification: List screen for a list of certifications that need to be completed.

If the Complete Indicator is blank, (there is no date in the Certification Completed column,) click on the Edit icon in the Completed column of the Student Certifications: List screen to display a blank “Student Certification Detail" screen.  To display a completed certification record, click on the Edit icon for students with a checkmark in the Complete Indicator. 

The first section on the Student Certification Detail screen includes the following fields, which are pre-populated from information on the completed GAS and MTI application and cannot be selected or edited:

  • SSN
  • Name
  • Program Applied
  • Application Received Date
  • Date of Birth
  • Applicant Category

Fields To Be Completed by the College or University

The Student Certifications: List screen displays all of the MTI and Golden Apple Scholarship  applicants, for whom an Initial Certification record has been created for that school. A certification record must be completed and submitted for each program for which the student applied. Only fields applicable to the program for which the applicant has applied can be accessed. Fields that are applicable for a different program will be grayed out if they are not accessible.

The TESP Certification Quick Reference Guide lists the fields that display when the Student Certification Detail screen is accessed. The guide lists the field name, entry values and rules and hover text for each field.

  • Eligible Certifications

    If a student is eligible, complete all applicable fields, set the Eligible Indicator to "Yes", then follow the instructions below to cancel entry or submit the record to ISAC.
  • Ineligible Certifications

    The only fields on the Student Certification Detail screen that need to be completed for students who are ineligible are the Eligible indicator (set to "'No" ) and the Not Eligible Reason(s). An error message displays if the ineligible indicator is set to "No', and an ineligible reason is not provided. Follow the instructions below to cancel entry or submit the record to ISAC after applicable fields have been entered.

Cancel Data Entry

The “Cancel” button at the bottom of the Student Certification Detail screen can be pressed prior to submitting the Certification record to ISAC. If the “Cancel” button is selected rather than submitting it to ISAC, the following will occur:

  • The Student Certification Detail screen closes;
  • Information is not saved and has to be entered when the record is accessed again; 
  • The Complete Indicator column is not marked and the Term column remains blank on the Student Certifications: List screen.  

Submit a Certification Record to ISAC

Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the Student Certifications Detail screen after all fields have been entered. The page validation process will check for completeness as well as any errors. Any errors in data entry will be displayed in a popup error message, click “ok” and make the corrections. After all errors have been corrected, click the “Submit” button again and the following popup window will display.

You have indicated you are ready to submit the student certification.  You are encouraged to review all information on this page prior to continuing.  What would you like to do?

Review Information on This Page - Submit Certification

When the "Review Information on This Page" option is selected, it returns the user to the top of the completed “Student Certification Detail" screen to review entry, make changes if necessary, and then select the "Submit" button again. The message box with the option to “Review Information on This Page or Submit Certification” displays again.

When “Submit Certification” is selected, the certification record is sent to ISAC and the following occurs:

  • The Student Certification Detail Screen closes;
  • On the Student Certifications: List screen, a checkmark will display in the Complete Indicator column,  a date will display in the Certification Complete column and the Term column is populated.

Processing Certification Records

A certification record is created and available for entry after an application is processed. The Status column on the Student Certifications: List screen will be blank when certification record is available to be completed.

One of the following codes will display in the Status column on the following business day after the certification record is processed.

  • U – Unqualified
  • Q – Qualified 
  • E – Exceeds maximum eligibility units.
  • W – Withdrew application
  • D – Disqualified
  • DW - Disqualified due to withdrawal of the application
  • DE – Disqualification due to exceeding maximum eligibility units
  • T – Transferred

Corrections to a certification record for GAS and MTI can be made online when the status code is blank, W, E or U. After an eligible record has been qualified, corrections to a certification record cannot be made online. If a status code is Q, D, DW, DE or T, corrections must be made by ISAC.

All requests for corrections can be submitted to ISAC by e-mail, FAX or telephone at: 

Attention: School Services Department – D2A
1755 Lake Cook Road
Deerfield, IL 60015
FAX: 847.831.8327
School Services: 866.247.2172 (toll free)