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TESP Notification

Golden Apple Scholars (GAS) of Illinois Program and Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship

Eligible Award Notification Categories
How to Access Data
TESP Notifications: View Screen
TESP Notifications Page Display
Customize a View
Printing from the “View Screen”

Eligible Award Notification Categories

When the “TESP Notifications” screen is first accessed, the “View” defaults to the Eligible-Funded category of your school’s applicants. The data is automatically sorted by program type (GAS or MTI) and then sorted alphabetically by the applicant’s last name within the program type. From the “TESP Notifications” screen, find the “View” section in the upper half of the left-hand panel. If you want to view the Eligible-Unavailable Funds category, select that option.

Refer to the Student Announcement section on the MTI Award Determination page to view an example of the TESP Notifications.

How to Access Data

Schools are able to access data in three different ways by selecting one of the award notification categories or Search All Views under “View” or one of the “Reports” from the left hand panel of the TESP Notications screen.

  • Retrieve a specific set of data, from one award announcement category at a time, by applying a sort and/or a filter to view the results online; or 
  • Use "Search All View" function to search by Last Name or SSN within multiple award announcement categories and display data (sorted by SSN, Status Date and then Program Type) on one screen. 
  • Request a pre-defined report (sorted either by program or by status date) that lists students for your particular school who fall into the above award announcement categories;

TESP Notifications: View Screen

The initial display of this screen will result in a default view with the following columns (this is the same data available as part of the pre-defined reports).

  • Applicant Category – corresponds to the date the TESP application was completed and whether the student is a renewal applicant (i.e., Timely Renewal, Timely New, Untimely Renewal, Untimely New)  
  • Last Name – applicants are listed alphabetically by last name  
  • First Name – applicant’s first name   
  • MI – applicant’s Middle Initial
  • SSN – applicant’s Social Security Number  
  • Status Date – corresponds to date on the applicant’s notification letter  
  • Program Type – GAS or MTI  
  • Estimated Award Amount – GAS or MTI maximum limits or “unfunded” status  
  • Enrollment Period – school’s response from the Initial Certification Document

TESP Notifications Page Display

The number of pages for each “View” category displays at the bottom of the screen. e.g. Page 1 of 2 (120 records).

  • The number of rows that displays on one page is defaulted to a maximum of 100.  The rows per page can be decreased by changing the Rows per page setting on the bottom right hand side corner of the screen. The minimum rows per page can be decreased to 20. 
  • Rows do not wrap to the next line.  Consequently, depending on the setting for the desktop (PC) screen area display (e.g., 640X480 pixels), the scrollbar that appears at the bottom of the screen may need to be used to view all data.  
  • Links to First Page, Next Page and page numbers, display at the bottom of the screen. 

Customize a View

  • The Filter feature allows the user to designate specific records within one award announcement category at a time. Once the Filter is applied to the data, only the resulting records meeting the Filter criteria will be displayed. 
  • The Sort function allows the user to arrange the data, within one award announcement category at a time, in a specific order.

Printing from the “View Screen”

To print from the “View Screen”, select the <File> option from the toolbar in the browser.  Also, select <Landscape> as the layout orientation.  Based on desktop (PC) settings, not all columns may appear on a single sheet of paper.  Remember, you may print pre-defined reports in an automatic landscape format.

For additional information on using the student eligibility data provided, click on the links in the right menu to access:

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