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Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant

Welcome to the online application process for the Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant.

Important information regarding this program including the eligibility requirements, may be accessed by selecting from among the options that appear in the menu at the right margin of the Application Certification Statement page. Be sure you read and understand this information prior to submitting an application.

Launching the ING application below will open the Student Portal, where you will need to either create a profile or enter as a guest before completing your application. If you create a personal profile, the system will automatically use that information to fill in part of your application, and then process it after you complete the rest.

Create a profile now and you’ll be ready when we expand the Student Portal. In the future, we’ll begin growing the portal to give you access to college resources unique to you, as well as the ability to apply for ISAC grants and scholarships, and keep track of the status and usage of your ISAC programs.

Launch the Illinois National Guard Grant application