JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

Meeting Agenda

NOTE: Due to unavoidable circumstances, a quorum of the Investment Advisory Panel was not established on April 5, 2013.

Columbia College
600 S. Michigan Avenue
Room 401
Chicago, Illinois

April 5, 2013
1:00 p.m.

    1. Announcements
    2. Approval of January 24, 2013 Commission Meeting Minutes (Action)
      Action Taken: Approved
    3. Executive Director’s Report (Information)
    4. Approval of Revised FY 2013 Internal Audit Schedule (Action)
      Action Taken: Approved
    5. College Illinois!® Prepaid Tuition Program Investments
      1. Approval of Minutes of the February 27, 2013 Meeting of the Investment Committee (Action: Investment Committee)
        Action Taken: Investment Committee - Approved
      2. Approval of Minutes of the December 3, 2012 Meeting of the Investment Advisory Panel (Action: Investment Advisory Panel)
        Action Taken: No Action Taken
      3. Investment Update (Information)
      4. Approval of the Passive Core Fixed Income Investment Manager (Action: Investment Committee) (Action: Commission)
        Action Taken: Investment Committee - Approved
        Action Taken: Commission - Approved
      5. Investment Advisory Panel Advice to the Commission (Information)
    6. Proposed Rules and Amendments
      1. Approval of the Proposed Administrative Program Rules Amendments (Action)
        Action Taken: Approved
    7. Scholarships and Grants
      1. Monetary Award Program Update and Task Force Follow-Up (Information)
    8. Legislative Update (Information)
    9. Delegation of Signature Authority and Notice of Contracts
      1. Approval of Commission Delegation of Signature Authority (Action)
        Action Taken: Withdrawn
      2. Notice of Contracts in Excess of a Million Dollars (Information)