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2020-21 FAFSA Completion

(Last Updated: June 24, 2019)

Important Dates

The important dates are listed in chronological order by month, with the newest information listed first. As new information about the 2020-21 application processing cycle becomes available, it is added to the appropriate month in this section. Browse this page periodically to find out what's new.

June 2019

2020-21 Application Processing System Specifications for Software Developers (June 2019 Draft)

2020-21 Award Year: FAFSA Information to be Verified and Acceptable Documentation

Availability of MyStudentData Download Guide for the 2020 21 FAFSA form

May 2019

Federal Need Analysis Methodology for the 2020-21 Award Year (Federal Register)

FAFSA Information To Be Verified for the 2020-2021 Award Year (Federal Register)

2020-21 EDE Technical Reference (Spring Draft)

April 2019

Notice of the Draft 2020-21 Federal Student Aid Application Materials