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Students May Access IVG Program Tools via the ISAC Student Portal


The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Student Portal – which students may access through the website – has several tools to help Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) Program applicants and recipients keep track of the status of their grants.

After creating a Student Portal Profile, students may utilize the ISAC Programs area of the Student Portal to:

  • complete the IVG application online,
  • check their IVG application status,
  • verify the number of IVG eligibility units they have remaining, and
  • view their IVG eligibility notices and print duplicate copies, if needed.

As explained in a February 21, 2018 e-Message, if a college tries to use the IVG component of the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs Access (GAP Access) portal to access or add a record for a student whose application is incomplete or has been deemed ineligible, a "Student Not Found" message will appear.

  • Students for whom this message appears, and who indicate they have submitted an application but have not received a Notice of Ineligibility, should be encouraged to check the status of their IVG applications via the Student Portal.
  • Students whose records do not appear for a college in the IVG system can verify their remaining IVG eligibility units via the Student Portal and then share that information with the financial aid office at their college.

Along with the IVG Program functions, the Student Portal also helps students apply for and monitor the status of their Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant, keep track of their Monetary Award Program (MAP) Paid Credit Hours, choose a college, learn about careers, find scholarships, simplify the financial aid process and learn how to budget money.

Encourage your veterans who have not already done so to visit the Student Portal to create a Profile and take advantage of its many tools.

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