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2022-23 ECACE Scholarship Update: Student List Available


The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) is sharing the following information to assist colleges in the administration of the Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity (ECACE) Scholarship Program. If you do not work directly with the ECACE Scholarship Program, please forward this message to the appropriate colleague(s) at your institution and encourage them to sign up for the "ECACE Administrators" e-Messaging subscription group.

Access Student Application Status via "Student List Eligibility: View" Screen

Effective immediately, colleges may access 2022-23 student application status data via the ECACE component of the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs (GAP) Access portal. View a listing of students who have completed the 2022-23 ECACE Scholarship online application process by accessing the ECACE system and selecting the Student tab to display the "Student List Eligibility: View" screen.

  • The "Student List Eligibility: View" screen displays in a format similar to other programs that are processed via the GAP Access portal.
  • Data is displayed for all applications listing the institution as the college the student plans to attend (i.e., complete, incomplete and ineligible based on student-reported data applications are included).

Prequalification Process to Take Place Thursday, July 28

On Thursday, July 28, the process for determining students’ prequalification status, based on the eligibility data reported by the applicants on their applications, will take place.

  • A student's record will be considered prequalified if they have completed the online application process – which includes submitting a complete ECACE Scholarship Program application to ISAC and completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) that results in a valid expected family contribution (EFC) – and they meet all initial program eligibility requirements (i.e., requirements other than those that must be verified by the college).
  • After the prequalification process has run, the award data fields on the “Student List Eligibility: View” screen will be populated.
  • Applicants who are determined prequalified will be sent a Notice of Prequalified Eligibility by ISAC.
  • Further details about the prequalification process may be accessed via the ECACE Scholarship Program Prequalification area.
  • The ECACE User Guide, which may be accessed via the ECACE Electronic Processing page, will soon be updated to reflect the 2022-23 processing cycle.
  • The release of prequalified applicant data into the ECACE system provides a means by which this information may be shared with colleagues in other areas of the college who are working with prospective and current students. Reports listing ECACE applicants may be generated and edited, and then made available to other departments at your institution. All personally identifiable information (PII), such as an applicant’s Social Security number (SSN), date of birth, and expected family contribution (EFC), should be removed from the report before the information leaves the financial aid office.
  • As a reminder, so that the proper level of security is maintained for administering ISAC programs, school staff must have the appropriate level of access in order to view prequalification records. The school's primary administrator or a designated administrator is responsible for authorizing access levels.

Looking Ahead

  • 2022-23 ECACE Scholarship payment processing is anticipated to commence during the month of August 2022.
  • As additional information becomes available – including announcement of when 2022-23 payment requests are being accepted – it will be provided via ISAC's usual means of communication (i.e., the ECACE Scholarship Program News area, the FAA Message Board, and this e-Messaging system).

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