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NESP Second Term Disbursements Begin – Action Needed from Some Colleges


Disbursement of second term awards for recipients of the 2022-23 Nursing Education Scholarship Program (NESP) has begun. Students who signed and returned their Promissory Note/Grant Agreements as required will soon begin receiving their stipend payments, and colleges will receive checks for the awards from the State Comptroller's office. Checks will continue to be co-payable to the college and the recipient, while stipend payments will be remitted directly to recipients.

Students for whom second term disbursements are being made can be identified by accessing the Certification List: View screen in the NESP system within the Gift Assistance Programs (GAP) Access portal, and then selecting "All" from the Certified Status drop-down menu. Payment information (amounts) for individual students is available by clicking on the student's name.

GAP Registration and Enrollment Status Certification Still Needed in Some Cases

As disbursements for second term awards begin, there remain a number of colleges that have not yet registered in the GAP Access portal for NESP administration and/or have not certified the eligibility status of applicants. Without completion of these required steps by your offices, your students will be unable to receive program funds. Consequently, colleges must move forward with the necessary activity(ies) immediately. Detailed instructions for registering in GAP Access and certifying eligibility are provided in these User Guides:

Additionally, we are asking that you encourage any student who you are aware has not yet signed and submitted the 2022-23 NESP Promissory Note/Grant Agreement to do so as quickly as possible to allow us to move forward with disbursements. Promissory Note/Grant Agreements are accessed by students through the Student Portal, and may be either signed electronically (preferred, quickest method) or printed, signed in ink and mailed to ISAC's Deerfield office as instructed on the document.

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