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2022-23 IVG & ING Grant Benefit Usage Functionality Now Available


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This message provides information regarding the benefit usage reporting cycle for the 2022-23 Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) and Illinois National Guard (ING) Grant programs.

IVG and ING Grant Benefit Usage Data Being Accepted

Effective today, ISAC is accepting benefit usage data for the 2022-23 IVG summer term and the 2022-23 ING Grant fall term.

In order to be considered timely:

  • IVG benefit usage data for the summer term must be submitted on or before Friday, September 30, 2022; and,
  • ING Grant benefit usage data for the fall term must be submitted on or before Friday, December 30, 2022.

Colleges will be notified when we begin accepting benefit usage data for the 2022-23 IVG fall term.


  • Benefit usage data for the IVG and ING Grant programs is submitted to ISAC by colleges via the benefit usage functionality within each program's system.
    • Colleges report enrollment hours and dollar amounts for initial, in-district and out-of-district benefit usage by students, as well as adjustments to previously-submitted data.
  • Although ISAC is not able to reimburse institutions for 2022-23 IVG or ING Grant awards, reporting of benefits used must still take place so that usage can be accurately reflected on students' accounts.
  • Colleges are encouraged to regularly check their Benefits Results report for each program.
    • Further details are provided in the IVG and ING Grant user guides.
  • 160-byte specifications for the 2022-23 IVG and ING Grant programs, describing the file layout to be used to send data for each program to ISAC via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), are available within the Electronic Tools section of the e-Library for Partners.
  • Any 2022-23 benefit usage data that was submitted via FTP prior to August 18, 2022 will not be processed, and must be resubmitted by the college.
    • In order to prevent having to resubmit data in the future, never submit benefit usage data via FTP until after ISAC announces it is accepting the data for that academic year.

Resources Available Online

More information, including detailed instructions, is available at the following locations:

System Reminders

  • Please verify that the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs (GAP) Access Administrator at your college has established the appropriate program system (IVG and/or ING Grant) access level for all impacted staff.
    • Instructions for establishing access to the appropriate system(s) may be found on the GAP Access page.
  • The IVG and ING Grant systems are available each day between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. (CT).
  • The two-factor authentication process requires a valid user ID, password and single-use verification code each time a user logs in to the GAP Access portal.
  • A valid GAP Access user ID and password are required in order to submit files via ISAC's Secure File Transfer System (located at https://transfer.isac.org/), making encryption (password protection) of files unnecessary.

Watch for Future Updates

Future updates regarding ISAC's military programs – including an announcement of when IVG benefit usage data for the fall term begins to be accepted – will be shared via our usual means of communication: the FAA Message Board; the IVG and ING Grant "Program News" pages; and/or this e-Messaging system.

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