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2019-20 MTI Scholarship Information


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Certify Eligibility for MTI Scholarships via the GAP Access Portal

Effective today (Wednesday, May 15, 2019), colleges may certify eligibility for the 2019-20 Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship Program via a new MTI system [which is accessed via the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs (GAP) Access portal]. All 2019-20 MTI processing will be done via the MTI system at GAP Access (rather than via My Zone, as was used for prior-year processing).

Continue Certifying Eligibility Throughout the Year

  • Colleges are encouraged to continue certifying eligibility for MTI Scholars on a daily basis.
    • Separate notification will not be sent when new records are made available in the MTI system.
  • All certification records available in the MTI system must be completed, regardless of whether the college certifies a student as eligible or ineligible and regardless of whether the student is currently enrolled.
    • The only way applicants will receive notification from ISAC regarding their eligibility status is if their colleges have submitted the certification data via the MTI system.
  • Continue certifying eligibility throughout the year, in order to ensure that your students will be included in any rounds of awarding that take place.
    • The schedule for awarding 2019-20 MTI Scholars will be dependent upon the status of the fiscal year 2020 state budget.

Online Resources

Specific details regarding the MTI system, including instructions for certifying eligibility and how to access reports, are provided via the MTI Electronic Processing page.

The MTI system is available each day from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. (CT).

Accessing the MTI System

The GAP Access Primary Administrator (typically, the financial aid director) must set MTI privileges for financial aid staff who need to view and/or edit data in the MTI system.

May 29 Webinar: A Review of GAP Access – Programs, Processes and Functionalities

Plan to participate in the "A Review of GAP Access – Programs, Processes and Functionalities" webinar, which will take place on Wednesday, May 29 at 2 p.m. (CT), and will include a review of the MTI system in GAP Access. Specific webinar participation details can be found in an April 17 e-Message. Registration is not required for the webinar, and any questions you would like the webinar to address may be submitted via e-mail to prior to the session.

MTI Scholarship Application Available at Student Portal

Effective immediately, the application for the 2019-20 MTI Scholarship Program may be completed online via the ISAC Programs area of the ISAC Student Portal.

  • After entering and submitting their data via the online application, students must follow the on-screen instructions to print the application, sign it, and mail it to ISAC.
    • The application is not complete until the Application/Teaching Agreement/Promissory Note, with an original ink signature, is received at ISAC.
  • Although the 2019-20 priority consideration application deadline for this program was March 1, 2019, eligible students may still apply.
    • Complete applications postmarked after March 1 will continue to be considered for as long as funding remains after all timely qualified applicants have been awarded.
    • The date through which 2019-20 MTI Scholarship applications will be accepted is dependent upon application volume and available funding.

Watch for Future Updates

Watch for further updates from ISAC – including information regarding 2019-20 MTI awarding and payment processing, and the availability of a Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois Program system within the GAP Access portal – via ISAC’s usual methods of communication (including the MTI Scholarship and Golden Apple "Program News" areas, the FAA Message Board, and this e-Messaging service.

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