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2019-20 MAP Recompute Implemented


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The following information is being shared by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) in order to assist colleges in the administration of the Monetary Award Program (MAP).

2019-20 MAP Recompute Implemented – MAP System Available

ISAC staff has completed verification of system changes related to implementation of the recompute formula, and the MAP system is again available.

All 2019-20 Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) data received from the Central Processing System (CPS) through (including) Thursday (June 27, 2019) is reflected in the MAP system, and we have returned to daily processing of ISIR data.

Online Resources

The 2019-20 MAP Formula section (located in the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs area) and the "MAP Estimator" (which may be accessed by students via the Toolbox area of the ISAC Student Portal) have been updated to reflect the recompute formula.

Colleges may also want to visit the Calculating MAP Awards section of the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs area to access the 2019-20 Hand Calculation Forms – Recompute, as well as for instructions on how to calculate awards for semester or quarter terms.

Partial Release of Awards in Suspense Status

As indicated in a June 26 e-Message, additional funds included in the fiscal year 2020 (FY20) MAP appropriation will be used not only to increase the amount of the maximum MAP grant but, also, to release approximately four weeks of suspended 2019-20 MAP award announcements (i.e., a partial release of awards in suspense status). Now that the recompute formula has been implemented, ISAC staff will analyze data to determine the date through which award announcements can be extended. Once a specific date has been identified, the information will be shared with the financial aid community.

Watch for Future Updates

As updated information becomes available – including the specific date through which 2019-20 MAP award announcements will be extended – it will be shared with you via our established methods of communication (i.e., MAP Program News, the FAA Message Board and this e-Messaging service).

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