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Teacher Program Enrollment Verification Data


Unless otherwise noted, links in this message are to corresponding pages at the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) website (isac.org).

Beginning today – Wednesday, September 11, 2019 – enrollment verification data is available at My Zone for students who previously received funds from the below ISAC-administered teacher education programs.

These online rosters are to be completed by the college and returned to ISAC on or before Friday, October 11, 2019, verifying award recipients' current enrollment status.

As a reminder, ISAC monitors recipients' fulfillment of the program requirements because, if recipients fail to meet the applicable requirements, their scholarships convert to loans that must be repaid. Knowing recipients' enrollment status, as reported by the colleges, allows ISAC to communicate with recipients who have graduated (or otherwise stopped attending college) regarding the steps they need to take in order to fulfill their teaching requirements.

Note: Although many operational processes for ISAC-administered programs have moved to the GAP Access portal, enrollment verification for these teacher education programs remains at My Zone.

Reporting Enrollment Status

  • Data should be reported based on each student's last date of enrollment in the required teaching program.
  • If the "Enrollment Status" is anything other than "In School," then the "Effective Date" also must be provided. A listing of valid "Enrollment Status" options may be found in the TESP Enrollment Status Verification Quick Reference Guide.
  • If the student remains enrolled in the required teaching program for 2019-20, indicate such with the "In School" status; those students will continue to appear on future rosters.
  • For the Illinois SETTW Program, colleges must complete a Tuition Waiver Conversion Form (TWCF) for all SETTW recipients who are not enrolled or are no longer eligible to receive the waiver. Further instructions for completing and submitting the TWCF are provided in the TESP Enrollment Status Verification Quick Reference Guide.

Reminder: In order for staff to view the enrollment status verification data, My Zone System Administrators must ensure that access to this functionality has been granted (both for themselves and other staff, as appropriate). Further details regarding this process are provided in the "Security Access" section that appears at the bottom of this message.

Revising Data After Rosters Have Been Submitted

Enrollment status verification data is available to be updated only if the roster has not yet been submitted to ISAC. Colleges must contact School Services for changes that need to be made after a roster has been submitted.

Resources Available Online

Further details and instructions regarding the enrollment verification process for each of these programs may be accessed by selecting the appropriate links below:

Security Access

In order to add a system administrator or add new users, follow the instructions for Assigning a My Zone Administrator, which are located in the My Zone portal.

My Zone Administrators have the ability to "Edit User" or "Add User" for TESP Enrollment Access. Program access within My Zone can also be added, or changed for existing users, by selecting "My Zone User Maintenance" from the My Zone Program Selection Screen. Add "View Only" or "Update" access to Enrollment Status Verification rosters in the column entitled "Enrollment Status Access" on the My Zone User Maintenance: View Users screen.

My Zone is available each Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. (CT).

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