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COVID-19 Impact – Adjusting MAP Paid Credit Hours


Effective immediately, ISAC has implemented a system change to the Monetary Award Program (MAP) for students whose enrollment status was impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Adjustments to those recipients' MAP paid credit hours (MPCHs) can now be made through the Gift Assistance Programs (GAP) Access portal.

In keeping with the intent of federal guidance related to interruption of study, while still adhering to our program requirements, ISAC is implementing similar guidance as follows:

  • adjustments may be made for any impacted student who received MAP in the Spring 2020 term (second semester/third quarter)
  • adjustments to enrollment hours due to COVID-19 are allowed for partial or complete withdrawals
  • adjusted MPCHs will reflect adjusted enrollment hours
  • the transaction adjusts the number of MPCHs and does not impact the award amount

Website Resources

A new page in the Processes area of the website provides detailed information for identifying students and circumstances that may warrant the MPCH adjustment. The page contains step-by-step instructions for completing MPCH adjustments, including using a newly-added COVID-19 payment request type option. Guidance for MPCH adjustments is also posted on the Partner Training page.

As a reminder, MAP pays tuition and mandatory fees only. If tuition and/or fees were waived for or refunded to a student, any MAP award amount that exceeds what was charged to a student must be returned to ISAC; it cannot be refunded to the student. It is recommended that other aid a student may have received be adjusted, if possible, to avoid the need to reduce MAP awards.

Other ISAC Program Usage Assessment

We are currently reviewing usage assessment procedures for other ISAC programs, and are working to determine the proper process to implement the same type of adjustment options for those programs. We will notify you once those procedures have been finalized.

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