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2021-22 Alternative Application Correction Process Available
in GAP Access for FAAs


ISAC has implemented a process in the MAP system of the GAP Access portal to provide colleges with the ability to make corrections and submit professional judgment adjustments for students who have filed a 2021-22 Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid (Alternative Application). This process is not available for 2020-21 Alternative Application records.

"Professional Judgment" and "Application Correction" tabs were added to the Student Detail: Eligibility screen in the MAP system, where colleges may access a student's application record and make corrections or adjustments to previously-submitted data. By selecting either of these tabs, most of the information on the application can be updated, with the exception of these data elements: ISAC ID Number, student e-mail address, parent e-mail address, and school choices/codes.

During the update process, messaging will appear if data is removed from a required data field, and the user will not be able to proceed to the next page until required information is entered. Once all changes are entered, the "Submit" button must be selected to complete the update process. If updated data is not submitted at the time of entry, all changes will be lost; they cannot be saved to be submitted at a later time. Updates are processed nightly and results are available the following business day.

Students are still able to make corrections to their Alternative Application as well, however, ISAC will only process one correction/update in a business day, so both the college and the student cannot make corrections or updates on the same day. Each time a correction or update is made to an Alternative Application record, a new transaction will be generated and all colleges listed on the student's application will be able to view the new transaction. Students will be notified by ISAC via e-mail whenever an update is made to their application. For transactions that are generated as the result of a professional judgment adjustment, an indicator will be provided on the Student Detail screen.

Colleges will follow their usual policies and procedures for determining if a professional judgment determination is appropriate for a student. Information regarding the justification for a dependency override or EFC adjustment and supporting documentation must be retained in the student's file, and is not to be submitted to ISAC.

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