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DAAR Status Report

As partners with ISAC in continued default prevention efforts, schools are asked to review and take action on the Notification of Student Loan Borrower DAAR Status report.  The term Default Aversion Assistance Request (DAAR) has become the industry standard for loan accounts that are 60-120 days delinquent and have been filed for default aversion assistance by the lender/servicer. ISAC's goal is to work with partners to provide repayment, deferment, forbearance, loan consolidation and default aversion information to borrowers.

How is ISAC's Report Designed?

ISAC's Notification of Student Loan Borrower DAAR Status report is non-cumulative and is available to those institutions with students for whom ISAC received a Default Aversion Assistance Request (DAAR) during the reporting time period.  The periods covered by the report are the:

  • 1st to the 15th of each month; and
  • 16th to the end of the month.

The report is broken into categories:

  • a list of delinquent student borrowers on which a new DAAR has been submitted by the lender/servicer (i.e., those that are 60-120 days delinquent);
  • a list of delinquent student borrowers who are 270 days delinquent;
  • a list of delinquent student borrowers on whom a DAAR has been resolved/cancelled; and
  • a summary detailing the number of students in each of the above categories to allow the school to concentrate on a specific category if desired.

Within each category, demographic and loan information is listed for each student, including:

  • the borrower’s name, address, home and other telephone number; 
  • Social Security Number (SSN); 
  • cohort year;
  • loan type;
  • lender/servicer name and telephone number;
  • delinquent amount (if available from the lender); and
  • number of days delinquent.

Instructions describing the report (summary and section pages) are also available. The names and telephone numbers of corresponding lenders/servicers have also been provided on the report. To help maintain the integrity of the student data, schools are encouraged to provide borrower demographic changes to either ISAC or the lender/servicer of the loan.

Student Information Change Form

Schools can help in default aversion by informing ISAC of a borrower's current enrollment, as well as changes to a borrower's address or telephone number.  Current borrower demographic information is essential in contacting borrowers to avoid default.  To assist schools in communicating this information, ISAC's Student Information Change Form may be used.  The form may be faxed or mailed to School Services (fax and mailing information is on the bottom of the form). 


For any questions concerning the DAAR report or to request a DAAR report, contact School Services at 866.247.2172 or isac.schoolservices@illinois.gov.