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Financial Aid History Report

Colleges can obtain data regarding a borrower’s loan history through the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). The information is provided by the NSLDS online service as a Financial Aid History Report (FAH). When obtaining borrower loan history data via the NSLDS website, the results received will include information regarding all open student loans in the borrower’s name. If the borrower has loans through guarantors other than ISAC, or through the Federal Direct Loan Program, that information will be included in the results along with any loans guaranteed by ISAC.

Colleges may choose to request Financial Aid History Reports via a batch file rather than individually online. NSLDS combined the Transfer Student Monitoring (TSM) and Financial Aid History (FAH) batch processes into one input format file and one output format file. There is no limit to the number of records that can be submitted in a batch file. Sending and receiving of batch files can be performed through the U.S. Department of Education’s Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG). Refer to the NSLDS User Resources section of the FSA Partner Connect – Knowledge Center for a user guide and record layouts required for batch files.

In order to access data through the NSLDS website, colleges must be enrolled in the SAIG.  In order to submit TSM/FAH batch files, the user will need to establish a School Transfer Profile on the NSLDS Professional Access (NSLDSFAP) website after enrolling in SAIG.  Questions regarding FAHs and/or SAIG enrollment can be directed to the NSLDS Customer Service Center at 800.999.8219.