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Support More MAP

The MAP appropriation of $601 million for FY 23 brought funding to another historic level and, as in 2023, will likely allow ISAC to offer an award to all eligible applicants (due both to the increase in funding and a reduction in applications). And while it has again allowed ISAC to increase award size, MAP still lacks the buying power that it had a decade ago.

The additional funding of $100 million in Governor Pritzker’s recommended FY 24 budget would go even further in improving the purchasing power of MAP. This level of funding would likely allow ISAC to continue offering grants to every eligible applicant -- with an estimated 16 percent increase in the average grant size, and an increase in the maximum grant of about 18 percent, further improving the purchasing power of MAP and increasing the likelihood that a student will enroll, persist, and graduate with less debt. With $701 million in funding, the State would meet the tuition and fee coverage goal in its strategic plan: It is estimated that the maximum MAP grant would cover about 60 percent of average tuition and mandatory fees at a community college and about 51 percent of average tuition and fees at a public university.

You can continue to make your voice heard, let your elected officials know how important MAP funding is to you and the future of our state, and ask that they support the Governor’s proposed increase for MAP in FY 24.

Talk about why MAP Matters

  • Download the MAP Matters Fact Sheet and use it to help you explain the issue to friends and colleagues. We’ve also added some data that demonstrates why MAP really matters.

Get in touch with elected officials to let them know why MAP matters to you!

Elected officials want to know about the issues their constituents care about. After all, they are in office to represent you! Policymakers begin work on the next fiscal year budget each Spring, but you can let your elected officials know at any time of year what MAP means to you and ask for their support for increased funding in the future. Share your personal story about how MAP has made a difference for you—it’s important that our elected officials continue to hear real stories year-round about why MAP Matters. Here are a couple of tools you can use to reach out to elected officials to ask them to support increased MAP funding.

  • First—find your legislator. Not sure who your State Representative and State Senator are? Use this easy tool to find out. (Note: because MAP is an Illinois State budget issue, you will want to reach out to your STATE Senator and Representative, not your U.S. Representative and Senator.)
  • Write or email your legislators. Here are a few more tips:
    • Send an email or write legibly if you aren’t using a computer. Be sure to include your full name and address—your legislator will want to know that you are in his/her district.
    • Address your email/letter to The Honorable [name].
    • Use your own personal experience to explain why MAP matters to you. You don’t have to write a long letter, but a few sentences about your own experience will make a big difference!
    • Thank them for their consideration in working to ensure that MAP is reliably funded in the future.  

 Get the word out on Social Media!

Let’s keep the buzz going about why MAP Matters and build momentum to advocate for adoption of a final FY 24 budget that will improve affordability and make college accessible for more Illinois students. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MAPMatters