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How IDAPP Works

Service. When and where you need it.

IDAPP is much more than just a concept. We have the people in place to make it work. Whether you’re a student or a college we’re always ready to help from loan counseling and servicing to timely reporting and measurements. It’s a unique combination of experience, advanced technologies and information exchange that makes the loan process efficient, convenient and personal. It goes back to our charter as the state’s only not-for-profit lender. It’s all about you and your goals. And doing everything we can – from day one and every day forward – to help you continue to meet those goals.

Financial responsibility. It’s our responsibility.

Students get plenty of material thrown at them in college. Including lots of pressure from financial institutions. But IDAPP has a system in place – to help prevent defaults but also to help students prepare for their financial futures. For example, we offer student reward programs – whereby students can earn interest rate reductions for timely, consecutive payments. Plus IDAPP – in conjunction with financial aid offices - helps develop on-campus materials and workshops that teach and promote financial responsibility. From smart borrowing to the proper use of credit and the consequences of loan default.

Our single investment goal. Helping students.

• IDAPP incorporates the most innovative technology to stay ahead of trends in the industry, especially dedicated to using secure Web-based technology for the convenience of our clients and borrowers.

• IDAPP supports vital programs such as Mapping-Your-Future that helps students through the admissions process, college planning, debt counseling, money management and career choices.

• IDAPP is a participating member of Illinois Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (ILASFAA), Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) and the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

• IDAPP helped develop the Illinois Mentor program to insure a commercial-free college and career planning Web site for middle and high school students.

IDAPP does not sell our databases or solicit our customers for any other debt instruments, unlike many for-profit companies.

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