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Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois Program

Program News

(last updated October 18, 2019)

2019-20 Program Funding
2019-20 Payment
2019-20 Application, Certification and Award Determination


Program Funding

The 2020 fiscal year (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020) appropriation for the Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois Program is $6,498,800.


As announced in an October 18 e-Message, payment requests for the Golden Apple Scholarship (GA) can be completed online and submitted electronically to ISAC via the GA system in the GAP access portal. Payment results display on the GA Student Detail: Payment screen and on the Payment Results/Exception report the day after payment requests are processed.

Submitting payment requests in GAP Access is a two-step process, which involves generating the request (either individually or in a batch) and then submitting the request. After payment requests are processed, vouchers are generated and sent via e-mail to financial aid directors. The disbursement of funds will be processed by the State Comptroller's Office. Refer to the State Comptroller's Website for information on how to track payment.

Colleges are encouraged to keep the Payment Results/Exceptions report for each payment request submitted so the invoice number on the report can be matched with the voucher and the funds received from the Comptroller’s office.

For more information regarding online payment functionality, including detailed instructions, is available at the following locations on ISAC's website:

GA Payment
GA Electronic Processing
GA User Guide

Application, Certification and Award Determination

Beginning with the 2019-20 academic year, the Application, Certification and Award Determination functions to receive a Golden Apple Scholarship will be performed by the Golden Apple Foundation. All processing of the scholarship has been converted to the GAP Access portal. Colleges will be able to view application and award information on the Student Eligibility List: View screen in the Golden Apple system. The role of colleges will start with payment processing, which is anticipated to be available through the GAP Access portal in the fall of 2019.