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2012-13 Teacher Shortages Disciplines

One of the factors in determining the amount of a Golden Apple Scholarship award is whether the student is pursuing teacher certification in a Teacher Shortage Discipline (TSD) and/or agrees to teach in a Hard-to-Staff School (HTSS).

A student majoring in Elementary Education could qualify for a shortage discipline if the school can/will certify that the student is taking classes in one of the designated shortage areas (i.e., second major, minor, or some type of concentration). Elementary Education is not and has not been listed as a teacher shortage discipline. A gray area arises because elementary teachers teach math, science, music, etc. in the regular classroom, but elementary teachers are not listed as a shortage discipline. ISAC recommends that you work with the educational department on your campus to determine whether specific students are classified, or taking the course work, to be considered eligible for this scholarship.

The disciplines listed below without an asterisk are designated teacher shortage disciplines for the 2012-13 academic year. If an asterisk appears next to the discipline, the discipline is only applicable if the student received funds in this area in the year immediately prior to the 2012-13 academic year.

Early Childhood Education

Regular Education

  • Bilingual Education

Special Education

  • Learning Behavior Specialist I

*Applicable only if student received funds in this area for the previous year

  • Mathematics* 
  • Reading* 
  • Physical Education (K-8) *
  • Science*
  • Speech and Language Impaired*