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Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver (SETTW) Program

Program News

(last updated July 2, 2024)

2024-25 Award Determination
2024-25 Application
2023-24 Certification
Enrollment Status Verification


Award Determination

2024-25 tuition waivers have been awarded in accordance with ISAC Administrative Rules, with priority consideration given to those complete applications postmarked on or before the priority application consideration date of March 1, 2024. Award notifications and 2024-25 Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver (SETTW) Rights and Responsibilities documents are being mailed to eligible applicants. Letters are sent to all other qualified applicants who are not selected.

Refer to the Determining Awards for SETTW section of this area of the website for more information about the award process, including links to sample award notifications and the Rights and Responsibilities document. The SETTW program provides tuition waivers for attendance at public universities in Illinois. Awards are not subject to annual appropriations by the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor.


ISAC is no longer accepting applications for the 2024-25 Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver Program.

The priority application consideration date for the 2024-25 academic year was March 1, 2024. Applications submitted (i.e., electronically signed or postmarked) after the priority application consideration date will be considered only if available waivers remain after all timely complete applicants have been awarded.

Applicants must log in to the ISAC Student Portal in order to complete the SETTW online application (if they have not already done so, they may create a profile here). Applicants will have the option of electronically signing and submitting the application (preferred method), or they may print and sign the application by hand and then mail it to ISAC.

The Application Procedures for SETTW page includes details about the application process, including sample acknowledgment notifications.

Refer to the SETTW Program page within the Students & Parents area for assistance with questions you may receive from students regarding the SETTW application process.



Functionality to certify eligibility for 2023-24 Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver (SETTW) Program newly-awarded students – as well as transfer students – is available in the SETTW system.

Each of the twelve Illinois public universities with students who were awarded 2023-24 tuition waivers has been sent an e-mail from ISAC, with instructions to certify each student’s eligibility via the SETTW system within 60 days of the date on which the e-mail is received.

If subsequent 2023-24 SETTW awards are announced, ISAC will send similar e-mail messages to impacted institutions.

Further details are provided at the Tuition Waiver Process page and in the Tuition Waiver Certification Process User Guide, which has been updated to reflect 2023-24 processing.

Enrollment Status Verification

Verification of award recipients' current enrollment status data is to be completed by the college and returned to ISAC in a timely manner. While all 2022-2023 data was to be submitted on or before December 1, 2023, colleges are still encouraged to submit this data as soon as possible. Further details are provided in an October 30 e-Message.

This page will be updated once data is being accepted for the 2023-24 academic year (anticipated for the fall of 2024).

Each fall, colleges are required to verify the enrollment statuses for recipients in the programs with teaching requirements. Verification of enrollment status is required for all recipients who, according to our records, previously received funds from the following ISAC-administered teacher education programs and may have been enrolled at your institution during the prior academic year.

ISAC monitors recipients’ fulfillment of the program requirements because, if recipients fail to meet the applicable requirements, their awards convert to loans that must be repaid. Knowing recipients’ enrollment status, as reported by the colleges, allows ISAC to communicate with recipients who have graduated (or otherwise stopped attending college) regarding the steps they need to take in order to fulfill their teaching requirements. The sooner colleges submit enrollment verification data to ISAC, the sooner ISAC can communicate with impacted award recipients.

Refer to the Enrollment Status Verification page and the Enrollment Status Verification for Teacher Programs User Guide for step-by-step instructions on completing and submitting enrollment status verification and SETTW Tuition Waiver Conversion (TWC) data to ISAC. Details about the teaching requirement, extensions, deferments and repayment are provided in the Students & Parents – After College area of this website, and may be accessed via the "Program Requirements" link that appears in the right-margin menu of this page.