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2020-21 MAP Payment

{ISAC Rules, Sections 2735.30 and 2735.40}

2020-21 Payment Processing
Additional Reminders for 2020-21 Payment Processing
Payment Proration Methodology
Calculating a Term Award
Payment Offset and Reconciliation

MAP grants are paid directly to the approved institution of record which certified the applicant's eligibility. Schools may begin requesting payments for MAP 10 days before the beginning of the semester. Payment of grant benefits is requested by the school through ISAC and sent by the State Comptroller directly to the institution. Schools receive award announcements via the MAP system on all SAR transactions, which assume full-time enrollment. When students enroll less than full time, payment adjustments are based on the most recently announced award.

2020-21 Payment Processing

Colleges can request MAP payment utilizing the file extraction feature of the MAP system in the GAP Access portal or by sending payment requests via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Payment Reports can then be generated from the Reports screen in the MAP system. If a college previously submitted a 2020-21 payment request file, that file must be resubmitted because payment request submitted prior to the availability of GAP Access were not held in a queue as was done in the past.

A listing of students included with any Payment Voucher(s) can be viewed and/or and printed by accessing the Payment Results/Summary Invoice Detail in the Reports section of MAP. The MAP Payment Results and Reject Codes document (PDF format) can be a handy reference to explain payment results. The Payment Results/Exceptions report should be reviewed the day after submitting payment requests to see which requests, if any, did not process as expected.

Additional Reminders for 2020-21 MAP Payment Processing

    • Verify that the GAP Access Administrator at your college has established the appropriate MAP system access level for all impacted staff. Instructions for establishing access to the MAP system may be found on the GAP Access page.
    • Refer to the MAP Electronic Processing page for details about accessing the MAP system. To access the payment function of the MAP system via GAP Access, select the "Payment" tab that appears at the top of the MAP system screen.
    • When preparing 2020-21 payment requests, remember that ISAC has suspended the announcement of MAP grants for all students whose initial 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is received by the Central Processing System (CPS), or whose initial Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid is received by ISAC, on or after August 23, 2020.
    • A small number of early Alternative Application applicants recently received new ISAC ID numbers due to a change in the way ID numbers are assigned. These students can be identified by flags on the Alternative Application Student Record. Details were included in an August 21 e-mail message to financial aid directors from ISAC's School Services Department. Additionally, the 2020-21 Operational Guide for Alternative Application Processing contains updated information in the "ISAC Identification (ID) Numbers" section.
    • Be sure to review the Payment Results/Exceptions report in the Reports section of the MAP system the day after submitting payment requests to see which requests, if any, did not process as expected.
    •  Refer to the 2020-21 MAP Payment Claim Deadlines page for all payment request deadline dates.
    • The payment process is unchanged; colleges will continue to receive MAP funds directly from the State Comptroller's Office.
    • Colleges submitting payment requests via FTP are reminded that a GAP Access use ID and password are required to Access ISAC’s secure FTP website (located at https://transfer.isac.org/"). As a result, encryption (password protection) of files is no longer necessary. Additional information and instructions are provided in the FTP Process Using GAP Access Credentials Guide
    • The MAP system provides the option of generating a "MAP Payment Request Submitted Without Results" report that should be created and retained for every payment request submission. If a subsequent request is submitted for a record that is already being held in queue, the held record will display a result code of "4 – Request superseded by another request." When payment processing begins, the last record received will be the record processed. This report can be used when completing reconciliation after the payment process has begun. Specific instructions for generating MAP payment reports may be found starting on page 17 of the Payment Processing chapter of the MAP User Guide.

Payment Proration Methodology

Payment proration methodology is based on credit hours. Payment will be made according to the number of credit hours enrolled by applying a fraction, according to the student's credit hours claimed with a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 3, to each student's calculated term award amount.

Calculating a Term Award

Calculating a Term Award - Semester Schools
Calculating a Term Award - Quarter Schools

Payment Offset and Reconciliation

Information about the MAP payment offset process and reconciliation is located in the Refunds and Unpaid Claims section in the Processes area.