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State Scholar Finalists

State Scholar Finalist
Illinois State Scholar Badges

Due to impact of COVID-19 on aid processing, the State Scholar announcement schedule will be moved to a later date in the academic year than it would normally occur. High schools will be notified of the schedule changes as they occur throughout the 2021-22 processing cycle.

Illinois State Scholar Badges

Included in the congratulatory letter is information regarding a digital Illinois State Scholar badge issued by ISAC. The badge can be displayed on a State Scholar's online profiles and social media accounts, and shared with high school counselors, prospective colleges, employers, family members and others. Scholars may access their badges by visiting the ISAC Student Portal at isac.org/studentportal/badge and then following the on-screen prompts. Complete instructions are available via the ISAC website at isac.org/SSPbadge

Validating a Badge

Those with whom a Scholar shares their badge may wish to validate its authenticity. In order to do so, the Scholar will need to provide either a link (URL) to the badge or the badge ID.

  • If the link (URL) has been provided: click on the link, which will launch the Badge Verification screen. The badge ID will automatically be populated, so they only need to click on "Check Badge ID."
  • To verify a badge without the link (URL):the person will need to access the State Scholar Program Badge area (located within the Toolbox section of the ISAC Student Portal), click on "Badge Verification," enter the Scholar's

    A validated badge will display "Badge ID is valid for: (FIRST NAME) (LAST NAME)."