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NSLDS®-Lender Manifest via FTP

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is ISAC’s preferred method of exchanging NSLDS®-Lender Manifest data.  Of the methods currently available, SFTP provides the best data security.  

The instructions below outline the steps necessary to exchange NSLDS-Lender Manifest data via SFTP with ISAC.  Before the data exchange can begin, testing must occur to validate the process. 

Complete and forward the NSLDS-LM Data Sheet to Lender Services to begin the testing process.  Be sure to read the NSLDS-LM File Naming Standard document as it provides important information for data transmission.


  1. Complete the NSLDS-LM Data Sheet and return it to isac.lenderservices@illinois.gov.
  2. ISAC will contact the representative listed on the data sheet for transmission set up. This may include an encryption key exchange (if ISAC and the partner have not already exchanged encryption keys). If a key exchange is necessary, send your signed PGP key to isac.COMMXFR@illinois.gov. PGP encryption must be used for the NSLDS-LM via SFTP process.
  3. Upon completion of the key exchange and transmission set up, ISAC will notify the testing partner to submit a test file. Test files must follow the ISAC file naming standards found in the document above and should be no more than 25 records.  See the NSLDS Lender Manifest Users Manual for file layout and record description. Note: There is no difference to the record layout from the cartridge process.
  4. Once the test has been processed at ISAC, an NSLDS-LM Error Response file will be transmitted to the trading partner. Once the NSLDS-LM Error Response file is received and validated, ISAC and the trading partner will determine a production date.