JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

Testing CAM Files With ISAC

Prior to exchanging “live” records with ISAC, partners are required to submit test files to ISAC for each CAM record type. Only after the test files have been successfully processed will "live" records be approved for submission. To establish a testing schedule, you may contact Lender Services at isac.lenderservices@illinois.gov.  The following information should be provided when scheduling testing:

  • Demographic information (contact name, address, lender code, phone number, FAX number, and e-mail address); 
  • Preferred transmittal method (FTP or SMTP/POP3);
  • Transmit address (FTP and SMTP/POP3);
  • Preferred encryption (Open PGP or Secret Agent);
  • Number of discretionary forbearance months allowed by lender;
  • Number of administrative forbearance months allowed; 
  • Proprietary forms used (yes or no); and
  • Interest capitalization permitted (yes or no).

Currently, ISAC is able to exchange data for the following records:

  • 01 Header*
  • 02 Identifier Data*
  • 03 Identifier Data Change
  • 05 Address/Phone Change
  • 07 Loan Period and Grade Level Changes
  • 09 Pre-Disbursement Level Changes
  • 10 Post-Disbursement Level Changes
  • 24 Loan Increase
  • 40 Default Aversion Assistance Request (DAAR)/Preclaim Borrower Demographic Information
  • 41 DAAR/Preclaim Employment/Deferment/Forbearance Information
  • 42 DAAR/Preclaim Reference Information
  • 43 DAAR/Preclaim Endorser/Co-maker/PLUS Student Information
  • 44 Loan-level DAAR/Preclaim Request Information
  • 96 Record Totals, Series One*
  • 97 Record Totals, Series Two*
  • 99 Trailer*

*These record types must accompany each file transmission.