JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

2019-20 Handbook of Illinois Postsecondary Institutions

The Postsecondary Handbook contains up-to-date admission and financial aid information about Illinois institutions that participate in ISAC’s scholarship, grant and/or loan programs, and is an invaluable reference source for students and their families as they plan for college. It’s also a convenient resource to answer questions about the sometimes overwhelming process of selecting a college and finding the financial resources to fund a postsecondary education. The Handbook contains direct links to the website of each school to provide more comprehensive information about the school.

The Handbook is designed to provide general admission and financial aid information about Illinois postsecondary institutions. The actual cost of attendance may differ significantly based on a student’s course of study, enrollment status and various other factors. The information is subject to change by the institution at any time. The costs listed here - which are for the 2019-20 academic year - are intended to provide families with a range that can be used to help make enrollment decisions. Please check with the institution in question for exact costs.

Organization of the Handbook

Access the full version of the Handbook below, or use the chapter descriptions to find information about a specific college based on its institution type.

Postsecondary Handbook, full version Adobe Acrobat

General InformationAdobe Acrobat, including brief descriptions of major government-sponsored financial aid programs.

Chapter I Four-Year Colleges and Universities Adobe Acrobat
Chapter II Two-Year Colleges Adobe Acrobat
Chapter III Schools of Nursing Adobe Acrobat
Chapter IV Professional Schools/Allied Health Programs Adobe Acrobat
Chapter V Proprietary Schools Adobe Acrobat (In general, proprietary schools are eligible for participation only in federal loan programs; however, certain proprietary schools are eligible to participate in specific ISAC grant programs)