JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

Knox County State Scholars

ISAC is pleased to recognize these Illinois high school students who have been named 2020-21 State Scholars for their outstanding academic achievement. Scholars are listed alphabetically under the high school they attend.

To view a listing of State Scholars for a particular high school, select from the following list:

Abingdon Avon High School
Galesburg Senior High School
Knoxville High School
Rowva High School

Abingdon Avon High School
Curry, Emma
Hecox, Drew

Galesburg Senior High School
Abel, Janice
Bennewitz, Haley
Carlson, Zachary
Cermak, Abigail
Cermak, Benjamin
Cheema, Natalya
Cypert, Will
Dechow, Nicholas
Hawkinson, Emma
Koval, Emma
Lam, Minuet
Leahy, Nora
Legate, Dillon
Locke, Kelton
Mehl, Ada
Pamatmat, Christopher
Rehn, Tegan
Steck, Tyler
Vaynerman, David
Williams, Kalie

Knoxville High School
Hopkins, Kathleen
Jones, Hannah
McGuire, Lucas
Rossman, Colby
Windsor, Alexandria

Rowva High School
Bishop, Kelsey
Campagna, Kasey
Main, Taylor

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