JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

Menard County State Scholars

ISAC is pleased to recognize these Illinois high school students who have been named 2020-21 State Scholars for their outstanding academic achievement. Scholars are listed alphabetically under the high school they attend.

To view a listing of State Scholars for a particular high school, select from the following list:

Athens High School
Porta High School

Athens High School
Bohannan, Olivia
Boyer, Wyatt
Corbin, Ethan
Fletcher, Dylan
Lendy, Caroline
Nix, Katilyn
Sholtis, Tara

Porta High School
Holloway, Olivia
Hough, Emily
Knowles, Hannah
Muller, Mason
O'Brien, Jacob
Rathgeb, Max
Rebbe, Nicholas
Sexton, Anamaria

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