JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

Montgomery County State Scholars

ISAC is pleased to recognize these Illinois high school students who have been named 2020-21 State Scholars for their outstanding academic achievement. Scholars are listed alphabetically under the high school they attend.

To view a listing of State Scholars for a particular high school, select from the following list:

Hillsboro High School
Lincolnwood High School
Litchfield High School
Nokomis High School

Hillsboro High School
Hamby, Wilson
Huber, Dane
Miller, Emily
Niemann, Erica
Reynolds, Emily
Schreiber, Sheridan
Ward, Kayli

Lincolnwood High School
Herman, Sydney
Hopper, Evan

Litchfield High School
Baugher, Anna
Beckham, Summer
Bolte, Makenna
Fleming, Ellen
Guo, Eddy
Morgan, Jordan
Rentz, Blake

Nokomis High School
Barnes, Callie
Cassidy, Alexa
Janssen, Katie
Keller, Sophia

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