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Piatt County State Scholars

ISAC is pleased to recognize these Illinois high school students who have been named 2019-20 State Scholars for their outstanding academic achievement. Scholars are listed alphabetically under the high school they attend.

To view a listing of State Scholars for a particular high school, select from the following list:

Bement High School
Cerro Gordo High School
Monticello High School

Bement High School
Stoerger, Ryan
Wright, Taylor

Cerro Gordo High School
Gower, Vanessa
Hayes, Jacob
Stump, Joshua

Monticello High School
Alexander, Kenneth
Brown, Lily
Buckalew, Cansas
Davis, Kaleena
Dixon, Garrett
Flesher, Robert
Gilliland, Brandon
Heistand, Audra
Jebe, Isabella
Johns, Ethan
King, Abigail
King, Renee
Koon, Jonathan
Lejeune, Katie
Mitchell, Lauren
Morrison, Sophie
Nowlin, Payne
Nowlin, Preston
Ratts, Josiah
Schlabach, Margaret
Sheafe, Nicole
Tackett, Payton
Wileaver, Skylar
Wilkin, Natalie
Wilkin, Nicholas

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