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State Scholar Program

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(Last updated August 29, 2017)


SSP Processing Cycle

ISAC continues to accept the sixth semester data needed to determine 2018-19 State Scholars, and high schools may utilize the State Scholar Program (SSP) component of the ISAC Gift Assistance Programs Access (GAP Access) portal to provide and review the sixth semester data that is used to determine SSP eligibility.

The required sixth semester data will be accepted only via the GAP Access portal for the 2018-19 State Scholar processing cycle. This means that high schools choosing to participate in the SSP process must be registered to utilize GAP Access. Information regarding how to participate in GAP Access, the required sixth semester data, exceptions reporting and an explanation of the two options that can be used to submit the data, are provided on the Required Sixth Semester Data page within this section.  Also included on that page are links to the specified format that must be used  when submitting data via an Excel spreadsheet, User Guides, and the SSP Academic Information Request Form.