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(Last updated June 4, 2019)

2020-21 SSP Processing
SSP Early Announcement Option


2020-21 SSP Processing

The required sixth semester data, used to determine which students will be considered for the designation as an Illinois State Scholar for the 2020-21 academic year must be submitted directly to the SSP system in the GAP Access portal either by uploading an Excel spreadsheet that follows formatting specifications prescribed by ISAC or by accessing the portal's SSP component and entering data for each individual student. Option One, allowing schools to submit an Excel spreadsheet of the required data, is available now. High Schools will be notified when Option Two is available to submit the required data by entering records individually via the SSP system.

Refer the Required Sixth Semester Data page for details about what data is used to determine SSP eligibility. The Methods to Submit Sixth Semester Data section on that page includes details about the two options that can be used to send the required data to ISAC.

  • Electronic Option One: The required sixth semester data can be submitted directly to the SSP system in GAP Access by uploading an Excel spreadsheet that is created using the formatting specifications prescribed. Refer to the SSP File Upload User Guide, the SSP Data Exchange Layout and the SSP Upload File Template to learn about uploading data to the SSP component of the GAP Access portal.
  • Electronic Option Two: SSP Component of GAP Access Portal includes information regarding records submitted individually and a link to the Illinois State Scholar Program (SSP) Sixth Semester Academic Information Request Form to be used for any student who should be considered for SSP designation but does not appear on the online SSP system. The form (soon to be available) may also be used to notify ISAC of issues that require exceptions processing (i.e., if duplicate student records appear on the online SSP system). Step-by-step instructions for the online SSP component, including sample screen prints, are provided via the SSP Online Processing User Guide.

Refer to the June 4 e-Message for additional processing announcements for the 2020-21 SSP cycle.

SSP Early Announcement Option

The early announcement option, which allows eligible students to be designated as State Scholars prior to the final round of announcements in late fall, is again available this year. A follow-up e-Message will be sent once the first round of early announcements has been scheduled. Refer to the SSP Early Announcement section on the SSP Selection Process page for details.