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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) works at the intersection of money and knowledge, providing Illinois families comprehensive and objective information on funding higher education, and the tools they need to make educational choices that are right for them. Then, through the Monetary Award Program (MAP), College Illinois!® Prepaid Tuition Program, and other scholarship and grant programs that ISAC administers, ISAC helps make those choices a reality. Under the leadership of Eric Zarnikow, ISAC's Executive Director, a staff of approximately 212 are located in Deerfield, Springfield and Chicago. ISAC’s total Agency Administrative Budget for FY17, as passed by the Commission, was: $48,398,600.

ISAC is governed by a ten (10) member commission appointed by the Governor:

Kevin B. Huber, Chair Term: Expires              
June 30, 2021
  1/2012 as long
as Commissioner
Miguel del Valle, Vice Chair           Term: Expired
June 30, 2013
Selamawi Asgedom Term: Expires
June 30, 2017
Mark Donovan Term: Expired
June 30, 2013
  11/2011 as long                
as Commissioner
Kendall A. Griffin Term: Expired
June 30, 2015
11/2011 as long             
as Commissioner
Paul Roberts Term: Expires
June 30, 2017
11/2011 as long
as Commissioner
Kim Savage Term: Expires
June 30, 2019
11/2011 as long
as Commissioner

The College Illinois! Investment Advisory Panel consists of the following members:

Jeanna Cullins Term: Expires April 3, 2018
James A. Hibbert              Term: Expires November 20, 2018
Karen Kissel Term: Expires July 8, 2017
Louis Paster Term: Expires July 8, 2017
Patrick E. Rea Term: Expires September 15, 2017
Janice Reedus Term: Expires July 21, 2017
Joy Winterfield Term: Expires January 1, 2018

ISAC Functional Subdivisions

College Access and Outreach  
Executive Division
Finance and Accounting
Administrative Services
General Counsel
Human Resources & Development  
Information Technology (IT)
Program Services and Operations
IL Designated Acct Purchase Program
Research Planning and Policy Analysis

Submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request to Karen Salas, ISAC’s FOIA Officer
Requests must be submitted in writing and can be either e-mailed to: - or mailed to:
Freedom of Information Office
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
1755 Lake Cook Road
Deerfield, Illinois 60015-5290
ATTN: FOIA Request

FEES: No fee for first 50 pgs. or emailed documents. 50 + pgs 15 cents per pg. Cost of disk if saved to CD.

Illinois Freedom of Information Act

Minutes and transcripts, if available, of ISAC's Commission meetings can be found in the ISAC's Governing Board: The Commission section of this web site.