JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

Agenda Book - January 30, 2009

Benedictine University
Krasa Center, Room A & B
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL

January 30, 2009
9:00 a.m.

Required joint meeting between the
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
College Illinois!(SM) Investment Advisory Panel

  1. Announcements
  2. Minutes of the November 21, 2008 Meeting (Action)
    Action Taken: Approved
  3. Executive Director’s Report (Information)
  4. Appointment of College Illinois!(SM) Investment Advisory Panel Members (Action)
    Action Taken: Approved 
  5. Revisions to College Illinois! SM Prepaid Tuition Program Statement of Investment Policy (Action)
    Action Taken: Approved
  6. Report on the University of Illinois Illinois Guides Pilot Program (Information)
  7. FY 2010 Monetary Award Program (MAP) Start-Up Formula (Action)
    Action Taken: Approved
  8. Monetary Award Program (MAP) Recipients Study (Information)
  9. Institutional Application to Participate in ISAC Gift Assistance Programs – American Academy of Art (Action)
    Action Taken Approved 
  10. Adopting Certain Rules Amendments [Internal Rules] (Action)
    Action Taken: Withdrawn 
  11. Proposed Rules Amendments (Information)

    Executive Session
  12. IDAPP Bank Account at Shorebank (Action)
    Action Taken: Approved 
  13. Amendment and Restatement of the Signature Authority Resolution
    Action Taken: Approved


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