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Before College

You have big plans. Big dreams. You know college is where to start. But a dream is not enough. College doesn't just happen; you have to work to make it a reality.

ISAC can help you and your family navigate through the college and financial planning process, so you get to the school and program that’s right for you with a smart financial plan to manage college costs.

Explore the host of tools - and people - we offer to help you achieve your dreams. From online resources to explore careers, find colleges, and learn about applying for financial aid, to in person presentations and one-on-one assistance from our ISACorps members, we’ve got you covered.

College and Career Exploration and Planning

Check out our online tools to research careers, find the best college match for you, familiarize yourself with the college admissions process and, and even complete the admissions process online. Find the ISACorps member in your area who can assist you with the college navigating and admissions process.

Financial Aid Planning: Completing the FAFSA®

Sound college planning means exploring  not only careers, colleges and programs, but also  how you will pay for college. This section provides important information and resources to help you with the crucial first step in applying for financial aid: completing the FAFSA®. Take that first step and learn about how to complete the FAFSA by checking out our online information, attending a presentation in your area, and working with your local ISACorps member.

Making an Informed College Choice

You’ve gone through the college admission process, applied for financial aid, and now it’s time to narrow your choices to the school you will attend. Here’s where you will find information to help you weigh your options, understand your financial aid award letter(s), and plan for the transition to college.