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Making an Informed College Choice

You’ve done your homework, applied to colleges and may have received at least one financial aid award letter. Congratulations on all your hard work . . . you are on your way to college and a career!

But you might still have plenty of questions—you may have several options on where to attend school and want to be sure you make the right choice; you need help deciphering your financial aid award letters; you aren’t sure what you need to do now to accept an offer of admission; you might need on-campus housing—to name a few. Making a big and important transition in your life can feel overwhelming and downright scary—ISAC can help.

Get one-on-one help from the ISACorps

Your regional ISACorps member can provide the counseling and support you need to make an informed college selection:

  • Review college options and award letters to help you make an informed decision about where to attend school
  • Assist with the financial aid verification process to ensure that you receive the correct amount of financial aid
  • Review and explain the various student loan options available to students and their families
  • Assist you in the process of accepting an offer of admission and submitting necessary paperwork for housing, orientation, placement testing, and more
  • Provide support and mentoring through the summer before college to help ease the transition

Contact your ISACorps member for help!

Online Resources to help you make an informed decision and a successful transition to college