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Program Data

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Number and Dollar Amount of MAP Awards by Fiscal Year

MAP Payouts and Awards by Institution Type

2019 Basic Program Data (PDF format, 299KB)

2018 Basic Program Data (PDF format, 494KB)

2017 Basic Program Data (PDF format, 473KB)

2016 Basic Program Data (PDF format, 354KB)

2015 Basic Program Data (PDF format, 304KB)

2014 Basic Program Data (PDF format, 187KB)

2013 Basic Program Data (PDF format, 250KB)

ISAC 2012 Benchmarks and Program Data
2012 Program Data and Historical Comparisons

ISAC 2011 Benchmarks and Program Data
2011 Program Data and Historical Comparisons

ISAC 2010 Benchmarks and Program Data
2010 Program Data and Historical Comparisons

FY2009 Mean Weighted Tuition and Fees by Sector, with Comparison (PDF format, 21KB)
Tuition and fees by institution type weighted by full-time undergraduate enrollment for institutions approved to participate in Illinois' Monetary Award Program (MAP). Includes a comparison with previous year's figures.

Weighted Mean Tuition and Fee History (PDF format, 45KB)
History of mean weighted tuition and fees by institution type.

MAP Award Calculation/Maximum Award History (PDF format, 90KB)
Description of how 07-08 MAP awards are calculated and a history of the annual maximum award amount.

Final FY2004 MAP Eligible Student Characteristics (PDF format, 108KB)
Summary demographic and eligibility information for students eligible to receive a MAP award in FY2004.