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Are You Taking Advantage of Our Free Service? You Should Make the Switch from Sending Paper Transcripts to Electronic!


The ISAC Transcript Exchange has been available for free
to all Illinois Public and Private High Schools since 2011!

The ISAC Transcript Exchange, powered by Parchment, helps districts and high schools across the State of Illinois support students' paths as they pursue opportunities after high school.

Through our program, current students can request and send different credentials electronically worldwide, allowing them to send transcripts for college admission, scholarships, and more for free. You can utilize the ISAC Transcript Exchange for processing all your credential needs while offering other college and career readiness platforms to your students.

Why Choose the ISAC Transcript Exchange?

The ISAC Transcript Exchange allows you to take advantage of the services that fit the needs of your school and your students. Over 400 public and private high schools across the state have already made the switch to sending transcripts electronically! Our service is online and easy to use for both the student and school administrator. Each student has their own account, and the school administrator must approve any and all transcripts sent.

There is never a fee charged to a current student, high school, or school district to send an electronic transcript! High schools can also support their alumni students with sending credentials electronically and can choose to process third-party requests through our service.

To learn more, visit the ISAC Transcript Exchange page and hear from folks across the state on why they use the ISAC Transcript Exchange and have made the switch from paper to electronic! It is simple to join, reach out to Lenore.Smith@illinois.gov to get started.

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