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ISAC To Pause 2023-24 ECACE Application Processing


We are sharing the below important information regarding the administration of the 2023-24 Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity (ECACE) Scholarship Program.

Effective March 9, 2024, ISAC will pause processing of 2023-24 ECACE applications received on or after that date. Due to the amount of program funding already committed to students previously approved for this academic year, we are currently unable to make any further awards. If additional funding becomes available later this academic year, we will resume application processing to determine if more students are eligible.

The application remains on our website, with the information that only if additional funds become available will applications received on or after March 9th be reviewed for eligibility. Although those applications won't be processed, they will be placed in a hold status and impacted students will receive a letter indicating the program has insufficient funding and we cannot consider their applications at this time.

Submit First- and Second-Term Claims by March 15

To aid us in monitoring funding levels and determining if we are able to award additional students, we are urging colleges to submit both first- and second-term payment claims as soon as possible. ECACE first- and second-term claims must be submitted on or before March 15, 2024, to be considered timely, but claims submitted before that date help us make a determination about additional awards more quickly. Even though the priority claim deadline of December 29, 2023 has passed for the first (fall) term, we are continuing to accept and pay first-term claims for the ECACE Scholarship Program.

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