JB Pritzker, Governor, State of Illinois

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  • Total value of MAP and Pell if all eligible Illinois students receive grants.
    $ 1.3277 BILLIONUnfortunately, MAP will be available to less than half of the eligible students.

    2021-22 FAFSA Completion Initiative

    Important information for High Schools

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What’s your path after high school?
ISAC can help you find it…

Maybe it’s a four-year degree, or maybe it’s a certificate or vocational school. Maybe you take a gap year, or step into a job. ISAC can help you discover what’s possible for you—and we can help provide the support and resources for you to carve a path to get there. In addition to the state grants and scholarships we administer, the ISACorps provides direct services to students and parents statewide in helping them navigate the process of education after high school, financial aid, college search and admissions, and more.

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Are you a recent college graduate passionate about public service and giving back to the community? Looking for a job? Join the ISACorps