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Certification Procedures for MTI

Certification Overview
Certification Entry
Appeal Procedures

Certification Overview

A Certification record is created in the MTI system when the MTI online application process has been completed [this includes both the MTI application and the corresponding year's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) or, if applicable, the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid]. The college then selects "Certification" from the ribbon at the top of the screen to display the Certification List: View screen. Colleges can enter certification data and indicate whether the applicant is eligible or ineligible, then save and submit their entry to ISAC.

Only records that need to be certified display on the Certification List: View screen. The Filter and/or Sort functions can be applied to the Certification List: View screen to customize how information is displayed, similar to all other gift assistance programs that are processed via systems within the GAP Access portal. Once certified, the applicant status information will be updated on the Student List Eligibility: View screen.

A complete application and a complete and eligible Certification record are required for consideration for an award. Eligible applicants will be awarded based on whether their application was received before or after the priority consideration date (March 31). Renewal applicants receive priority consideration.

All Certifications available in the MTI system must be completed regardless of whether the school certifies a student as eligible or ineligible. The only way an applicant will receive one of the notification letters is if the Certification is submitted.

Certification Entry

  • To prevent scrolling across multiple columns, entry of certification data is now done by clicking on the student's name from the "Certification List: View" screen within the MTI system.
  • The following fields appear in the "Certification Data" window:
    • Eligible (Yes/No)
      • If "No," only the Ineligible Reason field must be completed (select response from drop-down menu).
      • If "Yes," all fields other than Ineligible Reason must be completed.
    • Academic Level (Drop-down Menu)
    • Anticipated Terms (Drop-down Menu)
      • Colleges should provide their best estimate of the term(s) for which the student will be enrolled and payment will be requested.
    • Is the student bilingual (Yes/No)
      • If "Yes," must also answer the following:
        • Bilingual Type (Drop-down Menu)
        • Bilingual Program (Drop-down Menu)
      • For instructions on identifying applicants who indicated on their application that they are bilingual, see pages 11-13 of the MTI User Guide.
    • Career Pathway Endorsement (Yes/No)
      • Qualified applicants who are not yet enrolled in an educator preparation program but have received one or more College and Career Pathway Endorsements and commit to enrolling in a course of study leading to teacher licensure, including alternative teacher licensure, may receive MTI Scholarship funds.
    • EFC (Enter Value from 0 [Zero] through 999999)
      • Colleges should report the expected family contribution (EFC) from the valid Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) on which a student's financial aid would be based, as of the date that MTI certification is completed (i.e., the date the college submits MTI certification data to ISAC).
      • If changes are pending that will impact the student's EFC (e.g., corrections, verification, or professional judgment reviews), the college may choose to postpone submitting certification data for the student until after the ISIR transaction reflecting the revised EFC has been received.
    • Save/Submit (Button)
      • All required fields must be completed in order to activate this button (i.e., partially completed records cannot be saved and then completed and submitted later).
      • Once a record has been saved and submitted, it can no longer be edited by the school (contact School Services if changes are needed to previously-submitted certification records).
    • Close (Button)
      • Select "Close" to close the "Certification Data" window and return to the "Certification List: View" screen.
  • Only records that still need to be certified appear on the "Certification List: View" screen.
    • Records that have been certified – whether as eligible or ineligible – will continue to appear on the "Student List Eligibility: View" screen.

Refer to the MTI User Guide for detailed instructions for completing and submitting a Certification record via the MTI system. If a record was certified ineligible and something changes with a student’s eligibility prior to the awarding process, corrections to the certification record can be made online. Instruction to make corrections are included in the user guide.


  • An overview of the online certification process can be found in the MTI User Guide.
  • A Certification record must be submitted for applicants who are eligible and ineligible.
  • Only applicants with a complete and eligible Certification record will be considered for an award.
  • Corrections to a Certification record can be made online. Follow the instructions in the MTI User Guide.
  • Be sure to continue completing and submitting MTI Certifications throughout the year so that applicants will receive the appropriate notifications.

Appeal Procedures

Ineligible applicants will be sent an MTI Notice of Ineligibility and advised of the reason for the denial of an award. If there are extenuating circumstances that would cause ISAC to reconsider an applicant’s eligibility, an appeal may be appropriate.

While a financial aid administrator may assist an applicant in formulating an appeal request, the applicant must appeal ISAC’s decision by filing a written request within 60 days of the date on the denial letter. The written request must explain the basis of the appeal and provide all pertinent details and appropriate documentation.

Appeals should be submitted to:

Manager of Applicant Services, DA3
Illinois Student Assistance Commission
1755 Lake Cook Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

ISAC will send a written response to the applicant within 15 working days of its receipt of the written appeal.