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Application Procedures for IVG

{ISAC Rules, Section 2733.20}

To apply for the Illinois Veteran Grant, a veteran must complete an Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG) Application. Applications for IVG can be submitted anytime during the academic year for which assistance is being requested, and need to be submitted only once to establish eligibility.

To assist institutions with the timely submission of claims for all IVG eligible students, applicants must notify the school by the end of the school term for which assistance is requested in order to receive IVG benefits for that term.

Processing Time

Fully completed applications (including all required documentation) must be received at ISAC allowing sufficient time to complete processing prior to the last scheduled day of classes in the term for which a grant is requested. If the student must obtain required documentation, it could take a minimum of eight to ten weeks. ISAC's processing time is approximately four weeks.

Establishing Eligibility

A notice of eligibility from ISAC must be used by the institution to establish a qualified applicant's initial eligibility. This notice can be from variety of sources, including the IVG Eligibility Data at My Zone. Qualified applicants will receive a Notice of Eligibility letter from ISAC. The school is not required to have a copy of this letter.

Veteran Documentation

In addition to the application, the veteran must provide a copy of his or her Department of Defense Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD214 Member 4 copy), or its equivalent, for all periods of active service. Contact information is available for Illinois military personnel who need to request a copy of the DD214 (equivalent to the DD214 Member 4).

Illinois residents may apply and begin using their IVG benefits while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces, but must reapply for the grant after separation and include copies of all re-enlistment and/or extension documents. Illinois residency for the purposes of the IVG Program can be established in six months. If the applicant’s DD Form 214 does not indicate Illinois residency when entering and/or separating from the Armed Forces, ISAC Rules Section 2733.20 (j) (4) explains in detail the documents that can be used to verify residency for this program.